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Vinyl Banners 13oz

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Vinyl Banners communicate your message. 13oz vinyl printed with UV protection
Part Number: 13V

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Our standard, indoor banners are perfect for short-term or indoor events. We carry a wide range of custom banner stands that are great for trade shows, exhibit booths, or any event. Special finishing are available for pole pockets, webbing, and other unique requirements as well. If you have a vision for a large format banner – we can make it happen. ALL BANNERS OVER 48'' TALL WILL BE FOLDED FOR SHIPPING

Our indoor banners are printed on 13oz No-Curl Scrim vinyl. The vinyl has a matte finish and looks great in any lighting. All banners are finished with sewn hems and grommets every two feet, unless otherwise specified. We print direct-to-material, so you don't need to compromise your design to get the best price. Unlimited colors, text, and images!

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